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DNA analysis of Biodiversity
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Genea project

Thanks to the support of a large number of European and American mycologists, the project to review the species concept within a genus of false truffles, Genea, was conceived. During the years 2012-2014 more than 180 samples from 10 countries were analyzed and results were surprising: up to 9 new species proposed! Link


Morchella fluvialis project

Iberian mycoflora still provides us many surprises. Recent molecular advances in genus Morchella allow to delimit some of the most common species in Spain. This French-Spanish project led to the proposition of a new species of morel to accomodate a frequently collected and consumed mushroom, named M. fluvialis because of its interesting relation with riparian ecosystems. Link


'Clitocyboid' genera Atractosporocybe, Leucocybe y Rhizocybe project

Genus Clitocybe is not a monophyletic group, and so many species previously classified as Clitocybe need to be combined into different genera or accomodated in new taxa. This Italian-Spanish project allowed to propose three new genera to accomodate some well-known species of the European mycoflora, such as C. candicans, C. connata, C. inornata, C. vermicularis or C. pruinosa. In addition, some advances towards the delimitation of the controversial species C. dealbata, C. phyllophylla or C. rivulosa were achieved. Link

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