DNA analysis of Biodiversity
Dr. Fernando Bongera st.
Severo Ochoa bldg. S1.04
33006 Oviedo, SPAIN


ALVALAB develops research projects related with fungal biodiversity, with a special focus in two groups:

- Hypogeous and/or angiocarpic fungi

- Fungi of the suborder Tricholomatineae, especially clitocyboid



In addition to the personal research work, ALVALAB offers to collaborate, after mutual agreement, to publish scientific papers under two distinct modes:


A) Basic Collaboration

Applicable to all kind of scientific articles. Under this collaboration mode, sequence edition, and its upload in databases, as well as writing of the manuscript is done for free. DNA extractions, PCRs, sequencing and phylogenetic analyses are charged normally.


B) Advanced Collaboration

Applicable to papers published in 1st-quartile journals, or as coauthor in 2nd-quartile journals. Sequence edition and upload, writing of the manuscript and phylogenetic analyses are done for free. Costs for DNA extraction, PCRs and sequencing are shared by all authors.

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